Friday, February 24, 2006

Fun with camera phones

Sis 2 took these pictures of the kids when she visited last weekend.

Bacon baby. Posted by Picasa
Sophia's got a thing for bacon. All of the kids do. I've started cooking the bacon in the oven because they kept trying to take it out of the skillet when I cooked it on the stove top.

Smiley girl. Posted by Picasa

Smiley guy. Posted by Picasa

Say what? Posted by Picasa
Getting Isaiah to smile on camera is almost impossible. This is as close as Sis 2 could get.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ethan builds again

Ethan likes to build stuff and he has lately taken to build replicas of the places that he goes.

This is a surprising replica of the set up at church. We met in the gym of a school. The coin jar with the car on top of it is the pulpit. Those two blocks off to the right are the doors to the gym. The stack of blocks are the stairs the kids go up to get to their Sunday school classrooms. Posted by Picasa

The kids gather upstairs for their assembly time before their classes. This quarter they are learning the books of the New Testament. Posted by Picasa

The grown ups rearrange themselves a bit once the kids leave. Posted by Picasa

Everyone mills around after church. We fold up the chairs, put away the sound equipment, and roll up the carpets (a favourite task that all of the kids like to help with). Posted by Picasa

Ethan has also built models of his Sunday school and regular school classrooms (complete with chairs for students and teachers) and the assembly time set up. I may have pictures of some of those.