Thursday, October 16, 2008


The boy formerly known as the ghost is getting a little more comfortable around cameras.

Apple picking in September.

Getting ready to take off after inspecting big brother and the baby.

Covetously eying the paint, as hubby says, in Sophia's now purple room.

Mmmmm chocolate icing. For his next birthday I'm just going to pop open a can of icing and let him have at it. He never eats the cake.


For those who asked here are some new pics of the latest addition to the clan.

Little big sister with baby sister on her lap.

The ultimate big brother holding baby sister.

Caught the smile on camera. She's about 7 weeks in this picture.

Checking out Sophia's birthday festivities from underneath a quilt that great grandma made.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Girl

When I was a kid (alright I was a teenager) I wanted a purple bedroom. That never quite happened so I gave my daughter a purple room for her birthday. I had to talk her down from a deep dark purple but she's happy with the colour she got.

She's child of the week at school and wore this birthday crown home.

She insisted on a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and purple sprinkles. I couldn't find purple sprinkles so I got some extra purple icing instead. She was so excited about her cake that she sampled it before I got to icing it hence the odd shape.

She loves shoes and dressing up.

She also loves purses.