Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Spring time past

I've been wanting to post some pictures of my garden for a while. These are some pictures that I took in the spring of 2003. It was a nice day so I took the kids out (there were just two of them then) to enjoy the weather and the view.

Red Dynasty and Ice Princess tulips in bloom with Queen of the Night tulips still in bud. May 2003. The Queen of the Night tulips are a deep dark purple that sometimes appears black. The Ice Princess tulips didn't bloom this year. This past winter may have been a bit harsh for them. Posted by Hello

Isaiah, May 2003. Posted by Hello

Isaiah making a break for it, May 2003. Posted by Hello

Golden Appledron tulips, blue grape hyacinths, and white anemones in bloom. Alfred Heineken tulips in bud. May 2003. I admit it, I bought the Heinekens because of the name. And the pale yellow flower that fades to white at the top kind of resembles a froth topped beer. Posted by Hello

Big Smile tulips. May 2003. These tulips are apply named. The big yellow blooms always make me smile. They've multiplied over the last two seasons but haven't handled the dry spring this year well. Posted by Hello

Ethan and Big Smile tulips. May 2003. Posted by Hello

Apple Blossom tulip mix. May 2003. Posted by Hello