Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer Memories

I've gotten a few not so subtle reminders that I haven't posted any new pictures in a while so here are a few of the kids running wild in my parents' backyard at my birthday party this summer.

Sophia says: Don't mess with me and my ice cream man.

Sophia feeding Sis 2 with something (probably something already slightly chewed) with mom in the background and hubby bringing one of the boys back from an escape attempt.

Sophia and Ethan sharing an ice cream bar. That's Sis 1's hand and bright green shirt in the shot.

Isaiah caught standing still and looking in my direction while I had the camera.

Sophia purposefully striding off somewhere.

Ethan being cute for the camera.

Sophia trying to drown herself in the ice bucket. She was too short to actually get in the thing but Ethan and Isaiah were not. They ended the day by stripping and climbing in the thing while Sophia stood on the side and tried to splash in it. I'll post the picture of it if I can find it.