Monday, August 01, 2005

Hubby and the kids

The kids decided to swarm hubby on the couch a few days ago. Posted by Picasa

Isaiah of course was more interested in climbing over the back of the couch than getting his picture taken. Posted by Picasa

That's one of my homemade bandanas that Ethan is sporting. A couple of nights before this picture was taken we found him asleep with it on his head. Posted by Picasa

I finally get all of the kids looking at the camera and hubby's looking the wrong way. Posted by Picasa

Update: Hubby makes mention of his missing beard in the trackback. Here's the story of how it came to be missing. A few days ago I told him that he needed to trim his beard because he was beginning to look like a shaggy mountain man. Now what usually hapens when I tell him this is that he disappears for a bit and when he turns up again he's clean shaven. It seems he begins with the intent to just trim his beard but can't quite get it even so he keeps cutting. Eventually his beard is gone and he sneaks back to whatever he was doing before he went off to trim his beard. I'm assuming that this is what happened this time as well.